Street Food in the Philippines

I’ve been to a few countries, including Thailand and Japan and have seen things like ice cream ramen, but one of my favorite foods would be the variety you can find on the street in the Philippines. You won’t find just any food… but the wonderful street foods from the Philippines include things I haven’t seen anywhere else.

In this article I explore the many different (and sometimes strange) street foods you’ll find in the Philippines. In the streets everywhere from left to right, you will find foods. Here is the list of the street foods that you’ll find in the Philippines:

1. Kwek-kwek (Boiled egg, covered in orange colored flour). It’s best served with a spicy vinegar.

2. Tokneneng (Boiled quail egg, covered in orange colored flour). It’s best served with a spicy vinegar.

3. Fried fish ball, squid ball, kikiam, and chicken balls. They’re usually dipped in a sweet and sour sauce or spicy vinegar.

4. Pizza from the cart. It’s homemade pizza with little ingredients (that’s why it is sold in the streets).

5. Dirty ice cream. This is a locally homemade ice cream in a cone or in bread.

6. Popular Barbecue Items

a. Chicken liver
b. Chicken feet
c. Chicken gizzard
d. Chicken head
e. Pork barbecue
f. Pork intestine
g. Chicken, cow or pigs blood
h. Pigs ear
i. Hotdogs

7. Con gee with oxtail and cow intestines. This is best when served with fish sauce with chili. With a side dish of tofu and pork.

8. Fruit shakes. Available when fruit is in season, and great when the weather is hot.

9. Green Mango with sautéed shrimp paste. It’s served by the slice and accompanied with sautéed shrimp paste on the top.

10. Steamed quail eggs, corn and peanuts.

11. Sautéed peanut in garlic, sweet beans, and candies from a cart.

12. Boiled duck embryo. Yeah, that’s what I said! This can be seen during the nighttime on every corner.

13. Fried breaded squid. Tastes best serve with spicy vinegar.

14. Fried one day old chick. Tastes best with spicy vinegar.

Street foods are gone quick during the food rush hours which are lunch and right after work. As people pass the street it seems they can’t resist the aroma of the food lined up on the streets. It’s exciting to stop and try all of the street foods, but for those who are not used to these foods or nor have a weak stomach, I recommend taking things slow.

To those who haven’t tasted the tasty Filipino street foods, one bite and you might never want to leave.