Best Neighborhoods To Move To In Orange County, CA

Orange County has several great places to live with very good schools, a mild climate, close proximity to the ocean and low crime rates compared to national averages. A lot of movers claim that they love providing moving services to and from OC just for the great scenery. Irvine is one city worth looking into since it has so many excellent features, including two lakes, extensive bicycle trails, a relatively small population (around 200,000), and is close to major freeways. Within Irvine are many neighborhoods, including Columbus Grove, Quail Hill, Westpark, Oak Creek and Portola Springs, to name just a few.

A beautiful California sunset

If you are looking to move to a smaller city, San Juan Capistrano, with a population under 50,000, could be the right place for you. The median price for a house in San Juan Capistrano is just over $300,000.Cultural and historic attractions include the Mission and the annual Swallows Festival and there are many large parks and other open spaces for families to enjoy.

Rancho Santa Margarita is another family-friendly city with excellent schools, extensive trails, a lake, a lagoon, dozens of parks and a median price under $400,000 make Rancho Santa Margarita an good place to live.

The city of Mission Viejo, California is largely residential, with just over 100,000 residents. There are a lot of activities throughout the year for family fun in this city and a large lake provides many water activities.

Fullerton might be just the place for you and your family, with Brea Dam, many parks, a large arboretum and historical sites to enjoy.

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As for ocean front cities and towns, Dana Point offers spectacular scenery, the Ocean Institute, boating, site-seeing and shopping. The crime rate is low, the schools are excellent and the average price of a home in Dana Point is around $600,000. There are almost 40,000 people living in Dana Point.

Huntington Beach has a population of 200,000, and the average price for a house is $570,000. There are well over 500 acres of parks, and Huntington Beach has the longest beach on the entire West Coast. Cultural attractions include Bolsa Chico State Ecological Reserve and Imperial Woods Trail.

Anaheim has sports complexes and Disneyland, and has recently expanded, with better transportation facilities, as well as several hundred new rental properties and business and retail spaces.

Rving in the USA

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

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How to get from Manila to Boracay

If you are planning to visit Boracay ( Caticlan Akalan, Philippines), here are the best tips I can give on how you can reach it from Manila. First of all, if you’re on a holiday/vacation make sure you have adequate travel health insurance, especially when traveling in SE Asia.

Here are the ways to get there:

  1. From Manila airport, take a domestic flight via Caticlan, Aklan for 60-90 minutes travel time. Here are some of the lists of airlines: AirPhils FlySeair CebuPacificAir
  2. When you reach Kalibo Airport, you take an air-conditioned bus going to Caticlan. It will take you for about 90 minutes to reach the Caticlan harbour.
  3. From Caticlan harbour, you’re going to take a boat ride for about 30 minutes to reach Boracay.
  4. Then from Boracay, you can choose where you can stay. There are lots of beach resort there that offers different kinds of entertainment and leisure time for a very affordable price.
  5. If it’s your first time to visit Boracay, it’ll be better to contact a travel agency and let them arrange the whole trip with you. Just prepare yourself for a higher rate. Anyway, it’s hassle free.
Beautiful Boracay Beaches

A scene from a beautiful sunset on a Boracay Philippines beach

Information About Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock in Las Vegas

The Red Rock Country Club happens to be quite well known among the private golf community of Las Vegas. Red Rock course’s most startling highlight happens to be the Arroyo Golf Club. When it comes to enjoying the Sin City’s best golf experience, both Vegas locals and tourists head over to the Arroyo Golf Club. Best of all, the weather is usually spot on, so it’s a perfect RV destination.

It was back in 2003 that Arnold Palmer the Arroyo Course on the 738-acre private community known as the Red Rock Country Club and gained popularity ever since. In fact, some people booked Las Vegas flights just to see the new course.

By providing excellent service, along with the greenery and the neat fairways, the Red Rock club has made a name for itself. The Arroyo Golf Club provides an provided to golfers, where a private club atmosphere can be experienced by them and an unforgettable time can be spent. Another specific reason that the Arroyo Golf Course happens to be a fantastic golf destination in Vegas is all because Palmer designed the golf course quite amazingly.

The Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock Las Vegas NV

Making each shot at Arroyo requires adequate skill, considering that it is a 6,857 yards course. Unlike the private Mountain course at Red Rock, a more level terrain is present throughout the Arroyo Golf Club and it is a bit shorter too. Apart from a variety of features, a total of 75 bunkers are also present around the golf club. Stunning city and mountain views are also offered by Arroyo. Arnold Palmer designed this golf club to have various tournament quality holes and five tee boxes.

The Spring Mountain and Red Rock Canyon Ranges isolate the fairways of the Arroyo Golf Club. In consistency with the terrain, Palmer surprisingly designed the holes such that they are rising and falling in subtle ways. Thus, not only is it possible to make solid shots at the golf club, but golfers are constantly astonished by the lush, green scenery that surrounds them.

The bright white sand bunkers combined with all the greenery give Arroyo a stunningly, dramatic appearance.

The par-3, 215-yard seventh hole at Arroyo happens to the toughest hole of the golf club. A city view is present at the backdrop of this elevated tee box, while the deep but narrow putting surface is completely visible from there. At the left and front huge bunkers guard the area and at the right side is a large pond. Another treacherously notable hole in the Arroyo Golf Club is the 533-yard, par-5 16th. Another memorable hole is the 18 hole. There is also the 5,000-square-foot clubhouse that can be checked out by golfers who have had enough of playing. The broad viewing deck at the club is ideal to check out the great view, the service is nothing less than first class and the food is absolutely scrumptious.

Thus golfers who are up for a unique golfing challenge and want to enjoy the astonishing views all around should definitely be visiting the Arroyo Golf Club and playing golf there. Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock is definitely ideal for golfers who want to experience an exclusive treatment in an elegant country club environment. Also, if you like the red rock, drive North on I-15 to see St. George golf courses.